The Mundusmurum project was born on Monday 29 September 2014. Work on the first project spread over the next three years. His production was alternated with the release of several new songs as independent singles from the album. Márpico, was released on January 15, 2018.
October 2015: As an experimental work, Mundusmurum performed a remix-reinterpretation of Jean Michel Jarre's theme "If".. 
March-April 2016: Composition, production and publication of "En la Gruta Secreta", second theme of the project, published again in the form of a single. 
August 2016: Composition and production of 10 new tracks for a future project with "Himalia" as a provisional title.. 
December 2016-March 2017: Composition and production of a new album, including a single one-hour track, released in April 2017. 
Vega 28231406
August 2015: The first publication of the project takes place:"Vega 28231406", a theme published as a digital single, inspired by Cosmos and astronomical research. "Vega 28231406" was awarded by the European Space Agency.
November-December 2016: Composition, production and publication of the project's third single, entitled "Corcupinaje".
Nos vemos, Rosetta
October 2016: Composition, production and publication of "Nos vemos, Rosetta", inspired by the European Space Agency's homonymous mission and including sounds from several significant moments in the voyage of the Rosetta spacecraft and the Philae probe. 
Published on 15 January 2018. First long-term work.
Himalia Project. On pre-production now.
Semilla de Agua
60-minute soundtrack released on April, 2018.
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©201 - MundusMuruM. TEMPLATE directed by  SENSODE
©201 - MundusMuruM. TEMPLATE directed by  SENSODE